In 2018, we worked with the partners at FIG Agency to build out Quiddity, a new consumer reviews site. We concepted editorial features and series, produced videos, worked with a design and development team, and built out editorial workflow.

We tapped our roster of writers, photographers, and illustrators to create a unique style, tone, and identity for this new site.

“Three Point Four knows how to deliver on time, on budget, and without headaches. They can generate great ideas on the fly and execute them just as quickly,” Mark Figliulio, founder of FIG, says.”They helped take our idea for Quiddity, a video-first shopping journal, and concept it into a fully formed publishing platform. They built out various series, booked photoshoots, produced videos, built out editorial workflow, and worked with their roster of writers to bring it all to life.”

Sample: Oliver Jeffers Thrives in Meticulously Organized Chaos